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Every time you press the shutter  Every shot is meaningful of good thoughts and feelings.
To get a great picture.  I value lighting, reflections, and the right composition.  But sometimes different compositions also help me achieve amazing shots too.

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Photography is my love, my life, my passion, and my drive to be who I am today.

Surasart Areear

Professional Wedding Photographer,  ถ่ายภาพแนวสตรีท ,  ภาพถ่ายงานแต่งงาน

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Wedding ceremony is short event but it’s full of great memorable moment, happiness, and lots of emotions. Every wedding details was perfectly prepared from Bride and Groom and many people who loves them. Some couple prepare more than 1 year. But on wedding day, they can see few thing, with rush time, welcome many guests, be in ceremony, etc. So, my responsibility is to keep every great memory to them by my best..

Every time I click the shutter, it's meaningful in every shot from my thinking and good feeling.

To get my nice shot, I really care about attractive lighting, reflection, and fit composition. But sometimes with different composition gives me great shot too.

Anyway, I love travelling too. To learn variety of people, place, culture, and traditional,new experience always amazes me to know the different way of life.

Photography and Travelmake me “FEEL GOOD”

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